Vintage Porcelain Hire - Terms & Conditions

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Terms & Conditions
Updated: 05.11.2015


The Order

We will confirm your enquiry as soon as possible.

We will proceed to send you an email with a non-binding offer. If the offer is accepted and signed and sent back to us, the offer is binding and the requested date for your event will be reserved.

When placing the order you accept Georgina’s Terms and Conditions. Shown prices are end prices. According to §19 UStG we don’t charge VAT and neither will it figure on the bill.

The articles for hire are property of Georgina’s.


The hire period

The standard rental period is 4 days from the moment you receive the order.

You are welcome to pick up your order personally or make use of our delivery service from Papenburg (Germany). The china collection will be transported in wooden crates.

For every additional day, we charge 25% of the hire price.


Your collection

You will receive a very nice collection of eclectic vintage china. All the pieces are in a very good “vintage” undamaged condition, but we are speaking of china that was manufactured around the 1930s, so little imperfections are to be expected, like some wear of the guilt on some of the pieces. There are no hairlines, cracks nor broken off pieces.



The rental fee has to be paid in full up to a week before the event.

Together with the rental fee a deposit will be due. An order of up to 200€ will require a deposit of 50€; vor orders over 200€, the amount ot the deposit will be presented in the offer.

After the collection has been returned and checked for damages, the deposit will be paid back in full within 10 days.

In case of damage or loss of items, the deposit will be charged against the cost of the damaged articles and the remainder of the deposit will be paid back within 10 days.

Should the costs of the damaged or lost articles exceed the deposit, we will charge you according to the price list shown further below.



If you have an affection for all things vintage and would like to create an event with a touch of “Gatsby”, please do get in touch. We have lots of items to share with you, from pretty & dainty teacups & saucers to lovely teapots and everything in between. The exquisite designs and patterns of our china will grace any table at any occasion.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Our standard rental period is 4 days.


Cup and Saucer 2€
Sideplate 1€
Milk jug 1,50€
Sugar pot 1,50€
Teapot & Coffeepot 5€
Cake plate 3€
Cake stand 6€
Biscuit Barrel 5€
Fruit bowl 2€


Tea spoon 0.50€
Cake fork 0.50€
Sugar tong 1€
Cake server 1€


Milk jug 1,50€
Sugar bowl 1,50€
Water jug 5€
Footed cake plate 5€
Sweet jar 2€
Vase 2€
Vintage Bottles 1€
Candle holder 1€



Georgina’s offers a delivery and pick up service for Papenburg (Germany) and surrounding areas. At your request we also deliver to Oldenburg (Germany) and Groningen in the Netherlands. This service costs 0,45€ per kilometre from Papenburg (Germany).

To make sure our china arrives safe and sound at your door, it will be transported in wooden crates.



Your order can also be picked up at Georgina’s in Papenburg, Germany. For transport we pack our china in wooden shipping crates, to make sure it arrives safely. The measurements of the crates are: 66cm x 56cm x 46cm.

The handles on the crates facilitate its handling.

Delivery or pick up following prior agreement by telephone.



The cost for a shipment in Germany, including return shipment, costs 31,78€ per crate up to 31,5 kg.

The amount of crates depends on the size of your order.

Return shipment / Washing up service

The porcelain items should never be washed in a dishwasher.

Georgina’s will do the washing up for you, free of charge.

When it’s time to return the collection, each piece of china is put back into the plastic bags and protective covers. Please clear the plates of any leftovers.

If you need to make repeated use of the china, we ask you to wash the items by hand carefully.

Please do not close the plastic bags.



The hirer is liable for the goods upon receipt of the collection and liability ends with the return of the goods at Georgina’s.

Upon receipt of the collection, the hirer assumes liability for loss and damage, including third party liability, up to the moment the collection is returned to Georgina’s.

Price list for articles lost and damaged.

Price list for articles lost and damaged


Cup 10€
Saucer 10€
Side plate 10€
Milk jug 11€
Sugar pot 11€
Teapot & Coffeepot 55€
Cake plate 15€
Cake stand 50€
Biscuit barrel 30€
Fruit bowl 15€


Tea spoon 4€
Cake fork 4€
Sugar tong 6€
Cake server 9€


Milk jug 10€
Sugar pot 10€
Water jug 15€
Footed cake plate 16€
Sweet jar 18€
Vase 18€
Vintage bottles 8€
Candleholder 8€

Vintage Decoration

Basket 20€
Vintage Suitcase 40€
Typewriter 50€
Sixties Radio 45€
Bunting 15€
Vintage tin 13€