Vintage Porcelain Hire - Shipping crate

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Shipping crate

Our shipments have become much safer through the use of our attractive wooden crates. They not only look good, but offer much wanted stability and security during transportation.

Georgina’s wooden crate

Georgina’s wooden crate.
Size: 66cm x 46cm x 56cm

How to open the crate

The lid of the crate is closed with the use of four Allen screws.

The china is well padded

The crate for the plates contains styrofoam inserts in different sizes for saucers, tea plates und cake plates.

Several layers of china

The top layer of the plate crate is covered with an extra layer of foam rubber padding.

Foam inserts protect the china

The crate for the cups contains 3 inserts. Because these are very flexible and soft, it is easier to take the top insert out after having emptied it to get to the next layer. When the time comes to pack the china up, we advise you to fill up the inserts after these have been placed in the crate.

The trios are numbered

All the pieces of china that you receive in your order will be placed in plastic bags and subsequently placed in protective foam covers. Each of the covers has been provided with the corresponding trio number. As the china comes to you ready to be laid out, the numeration on the covers will facilitate setting the table from the crate directly onto the table.